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A Miniature Computer Keyboard and Mouse for People with Disabilities

Full Computer Access
With Just the Slightest Hand or Head Movement

Needs No Strength—No Reach—No Dexterity

external image index%5Ckeyboard.jpg The Magic Wand Keyboard is a miniature computer keyboard, with a built-in mouse, that allows anyone with a disability to fully and easily access any computer. It is designed to be used with little or no hand movement and is the only computer keyboard and mouse that requires no strength.
This mini computer keyboard works with the lightest touch of a wand (either hand-held or mouthstick). It requires absolutely no force. To allow people with disabilities to compete equally in school and at work, we designed the Magic Wand Keyboard to work easily and instantly, with no training or installation required. Students can do homework independently and up to 5 times faster than before. They can work longer without tiring, take standardized tests exactly like their classmates, and do research on the Internet using our built-in, zero-force mouse.

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Public schools and universities throughout the U.S. and Canada use the Magic Wand Keyboard for their students.
The keyboard is designed for students with disabilities that include muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, SMA and other neuromuscular disorders, arthritis, MS, arthrogryposis, and severe repetitive strain injury.
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Miniature Size

The keyboard is miniature, measuring 7" x 6" x 0.5", with a typing area of only 5.4" x 3" (the Advanced Magic Wand Keyboard is 1" wider). This enables adults and children with very limited reach to type easily.

Full Mouse Capability

The built-in mouse requires no strength and very little movement yet it can perform every mouse function. It works through the keys on the keyboard and has 11 speed settings, left and right click, drag, and double click.